Fibre of Life (SPECIAL)

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
We believe that Ukraine will be able to defend itself and also be able to restore all the destroyed infrastructure in the future. Therefore, this special NFT was created to help Ukraine (and also because Harmony shapes vibrations into new lifeforms).
50% of all funds received from the sale, as well as subsequent resales (royalties) will go to the Ukraine Crypto Donation wallet.
By purchasing this NFT today, you are helping the Ukrainian people defend their freedom. By selling this NFT in the future, you are helping to restore Ukraine's infrastructure.
Stand with Ukraine!

Video loop with sound
1280x1280 / 13 sec

Visual art by @MondlerCanvas and @Timafster
Music by @Timafster and @MondlerCanvas

Every collector of this NFT can get the secret link to 29 min 39 sec 4K video of this Sonic Life Form on YouTube.

NFT Collection: