Recently I was asked: "So you wouldn't say your theme is more of psychedelic and abstract in nature?"
Well, everyone wants a piece of art to have a story. Then here's my story:

This is primarily about you, this is your story. Perhaps this is a story from the past or something personal. Everything depends on the observer.

In my case, as in other cases and with every artist, these are my feelings, experiences, thoughts at a certain moment, that is, it is myself. Why do I need all this? What do I want to say?

The truth is, whatever I say is subjective. Nothing can be done, we are inherently subjective. But striving for objectivity makes us better. But I got carried away...

The Universe is beautiful and incomprehensible both in its physical properties, and in spiritual, or in any other (as you wish). And I'm grateful to be a part of it. Grateful for all the endless accidents that have happened. Grateful that I can create and not destroy.

Here, according to the rules of good manners, I must mention people close to me, and I will do it with pleasure. I am grateful to my wife, daughter, parents and friends. To all of you…

How do you perceive it? As you wish. Just watch and listen. For a while... As if I didn't tell you anything. You see and hear only what you want to see and hear. The only thing you know is the title of the piece.

The title is the only "push" from the author. This is the same flap of the wing of the same butterfly that causes the same hurricane on the other side of the planet.

Yes, this piece has a certain visual effect (aftertaste, so to speak). Try to observe at least a minute, and then look somewhere far away.
Here I must warn you, if you are very sensitive to visual effects, it is better not to do this.

The effect can vary in intensity depending on which part you are focusing on.
Are you watching the center or the edge?
Make the world a better place and be grateful.

Here I leave free space for your imagination...

Visual art by @MondlerCanvas and @Timafster
Music by @Timafster and @MondlerCanvas

Every collector of this NFT can get the secret link to 30 min 50 sec 4K video of this Sonic Life Form on YouTube.

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